What our Customers say -

"I wanted to say thank you for having an online calendar program like this out there. The kids bring home so many different calendars it is hard to keep track of everything. With your program I can put a date into our family calendar when I get it and then it is always there for me to view at home or work." -- Patti B.

"We love our family calendar. My husband travels a lot and with the online calendar, he can keep up to date with our family schedule back here at home. Thanks." -- Beth H.

About FamilyTimePlanner

The FamilyTimePlanner online calendar was created because we needed it! Our founders traveled frequently and found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the activities back home. Some of the wives were maintaining the family schedule on a wall calendar and highlighting the activities according to which person or child was participating. But still, it was challenging at times to get the kids to their activities. And last minute travel requests would really throw the 'family plan' into a tizzy.

They searched for help, but nowhere could they find a convenient, multi-user calendar. Using color to coordinate the activities became a bonus feature that really set the calendar apart.

BLIE Enterprises, Inc. is located in Atlanta, GA. Our address is:

BLIE Enterprises, Inc.
2802 Saddlebrook Way, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30064

The website servers are hosted in a top tier data center, with UPS and redundant diesel backup power supplies, dual internet connectivity onto diverse backbones, 24x7 network monitoring, appropriate security, etc. We're focused on creating solutions families can use to more effectively manage their lives. We'll manage the technology, you can focus on managing your time.

How we treat Your Information

We've taken steps to make sure that the information is secured, and treated as VERY PRIVATE. For instance, you can only see a calendar if a Parent has made it unsecured, or has granted your userid access to the calendar. Also, the calendar pages are encrypted via https:// so that there can be no 'eavesdropping'. We monitor activity on the servers closely such that if someone were to try to break in, we would know and could take appropriate steps.

As for emails, names, etc., one of the beauties of the calendar is that the names and emails of Family Members are attached to the calendar itself and hence are optional as well as independent from what others are using in their calendars. And you don't automatically give your child an email address just because you want to track their schedule in a calendar, as Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. would have you do. You can leave the email addresses blank if you like, but then you won't be able to send reminders. We do not use Family Member emails for any communications about the calendar. The site only uses them to send daily and weekly reminders. We will only send expiry notices and new feature updates (usually about once every 2 months or so) to the email addresses associated with the userid. Our philosophy is that the email addresses are about 2 distinctly different relationships - one between the calendar owner and their Family Members, the other between BLIE Enterprises and the calendar owner or user. We make sure it carries through in how we treat the information.

We never share ANY email addresses or other information with third parties. And we don't do any 'data mining' of the events that are scheduled. It is YOUR information, to share as YOU feel appropriate.

I hope that you'll find the calendar useful and integrate it into your lives.

Have a Great Day!

Rob Morin

BLIE Enterprises, Inc.