What our Customers say -

"WOW...fast, professional and personal service! Gotta love that! ... Again, thank you so much for the fast friendly service, not often you get ALL your questions answered these days! Superb!!!" -- Val B.

"You have a great product and the most responsive customer service I have encountered on the internet. I am sure the product will succeed. " -- Dan H.

Customer Support Philosophy

At FamilyTimePlanner.com, we are trying to build a communication bridge to bring families closer - "Helping families find time to gather together!" We are always looking for ways to improve the service. Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to see if your question has been answered, but always feel free to ask any question or let us know how we can improve the service. Please email us.

We strive to respond to all communications within 24 hours.

We try to make this a service that is useful with no annoyances. To that end, we

  • Do not run advertising on your calendar. It is your calendar, not our billboard.
  • Only use pop-ups where they make sense, for instance on help topics, FAQ's.
  • Only charge a token fee to maintain the site - typically this is less than most magazine subscriptions.

We hope that you appreciate the value and will refer friends and family to the service.

Be sure to sign up for our Introductory Tips Newsletter to help you get started using the calendar. It includes tips on topics such as Printing, how to control access, etc.