FamilyTimePlanner Features

Here are some of the features provided by the FamilyTimePlanner calendars. We're adding more all the time!


  • Access your calendar from anywhere
  • Access your calendar via the Family Calendar Facebook app!
  • No software to download or load
  • Print your calendar in color as you see it on the screen
  • Works with any browser
  • Delivered from multiple data centers for uninterrupted viewing access

Coordinate Schedules

  • Create as many Family Members as you would like
  • Color code activities according to each Family member
  • Join Clubs to automatically display their events. Great for Holidays, etc.
  • Club calendar events appear on your calendar with no color
  • Import events from club calendars and assign Family Members and colors
  • Filter events by category
  • Create multiple club calendars - no charge!
  • Switch between calendars easily without logging in again

Calendar Display

  • Add simple events quickly from the Week or Month view without reloading the page
  • Day, Week, Month and List displays
  • Include the weather for the next five days in your Week view
  • Day display can be a list of events that day for extremely busy groups or a schedule
  • Week display can start on either Sunday or Monday
  • Choose how much to display on the Month view
  • Add your own html for the top and bottom of your calendar
  • Personalize the colors however you like

Publish to the Web

  • Make your calendar publicly viewable for everyone
  • Link the calendar to your website
  • Control which view is displayed by default
  • Hide the FamilyTimePlanner banner

Calendar Security

  • Multiple levels of secured access - "Parent", "Family Member", "View-only"
  • Set your calendar to be Public or Private
  • Parents have complete control over everything
  • Family Members can only enter tentative events for themselves
  • Create as many Userids as you need - no charge!
  • Limit which Family Members "View-only" accounts can see


  • Send email reminders to your email accounts, cell phones, etc.
  • Broadcast reminders to multiple addresses simultaneously
  • Receive consolidated Email reminders - only one reminder per Family Member for all the day's events
  • Email reminders are sent Daily and Weekly
  • Send or receive event Invitations
  • Receive Invitations from Outlook, etc. without having an email address
  • Instant Notifications include files to import the event to Outlook, etc.
  • Event changes close to the start time automatically trigger instant notifications

Recurring Events

  • Easily add recurring events
  • Supports Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly recurrences
  • Flexible Monthly and Yearly patterns
  • Great for Birthdays and Anniversaries, practices, classes, etc.


  • Export your entire calendar in the iCal standard to Microsoft OutlookTM, Apple iCalSM, etc.
  • Select which calendar events to export based on Family Member, Category or when the events were entered or updated.
  • Import events from Microsoft OutlookTM or Yahoo!SM