At FamilyTimePlanner, we use PayPal so that you can be assured of a secure, safe transaction. PayPal lets you use any credit card without creating a PayPal account, or you can use your PayPal account to pay via existing funds or by debiting your bank account. never sees any credit card or financial information about our customers - PayPal handles that for us.

Solution Graphics

"This is your calendar, not our billboard."

When you initially set up a FamilyTimePlanner calendar, we provide a complete calendar month's service so you can try it out and see how it might help. In order to continue to provide the service free of any advertising, we need to charge a small, annual fee to cover our costs.

Please Login to your calendar to subscribe

"Family" Calendar "Club" Calendar
Event Highlight Color Yes none or transparent
Event Text Color as assigned to the Family Member as assigned to the Member
Multiple Members Yes Yes
Event Categories Yes only one, the Club Title
Security Private or public public only
Display Frameable, with or without the banner and support links Frameable, with or without the banner and support links
Sub-calendars Unlimited, independant
Club calendars
(after Trial Period)
$16 for the first year,
$12 for each year thereafter
$16 for the first year,
$12 for each year thereafter
Free after just 1 paying Family or Web Calendar 'joins the Club'
Trial Period A Full Calendar month
(30 days)
A Full Calendar month
(30 days)

Here's a quick video from Microsoft poking some fun at how 'free' providers treat your information:

That's not us.

With FamilyTimePlanner, your information is yours. We don't share it with any one. Nor do we look at it ourselves. We figure that if there's something you want us to know, you'll tell us; you wouldn't want nor expect us to figure it out by looking at your data.