"This is your calendar, not our billboard."

Here's a quick video from Microsoft poking some fun at how 'free' providers treat your information:

That's not us.

With FamilyTimePlanner, your information is yours. We don't share it with any one. Nor do we look at it ourselves. We figure that if there's something you want us to know, you'll tell us; you wouldn't want nor expect us to figure it out by looking at your data.

If privacy is important to you, and you would rather not dig through ads to see the information you're seeking, please sign up for an annual subscription.

But, if you insist on not paying for services, check out our Family Calendar as a Facebook application. It has most of the same features but is supported by advertising. The application complies with and exceeds Facebook's privacy policies - you have complete control over who can see your calendar. Even there, we don't allow the advertisers access to your information. That just wouldn't be 'right'.